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“If you want to be incrementally better: Be competitive. If you want to be exponentially better: Be cooperative” - William Shakespeare -
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About S10 group

From S10 consultancy to S10 group S10 consultancy was established in the first quarter of 2013. The primary focus during the start-up period was on consultancy services in the areas of HR and financial consultation . This concerned cost savings from the past mainly (the recovery audit) and financial analysis . The secondary focus was on analysing business processes and business process optimisations for cost savings and efficiency improvements . On the one hand due to demand and on the other hand due to changing markets (partly due to the recovering economy), the provisioning of services within the business operations area has been broadened and the primary focus has shifted since. S10 Data Solutions has been found. By entering into partnerships with strong international innovative partners , we can offer and develop unique innovative software solutions. Unique in both functionality and flexibility. S10 Data Solutions thus offers an innovative iPaaS solution for today's data-related challenges in areas like governance, risk and compliance. This increases efficiency , reduces risks and also save costs . But also worldwide personnel awareness solutions (example given GDPR and information security in a SaaS environment) have been adopted in the context of risk reduction, cost savings and efficiency improvement as part of S10 Academy . The S10 Group represents all strong and distinctive partners in the business area’s we operate in.

What does this mean for 2019?

The focus of the S10 Group will further change in 2019. For example, the focus on: The recovery audits will continue to decrease (S10 HR & Finance); (Strategic) support in business operations under which business process optimisation remains the same (S10 consultancy); Implementation of (customised) software solutions (from the data fabric) will strongly increase (S10 Data Solutions & S10 consultancy). The S10 Group will continue to expand its services worldwide.

Who is the S10 Group?

The founder and owner of the S10 Group is Stan van Gemert. Stan has more than 30 years of experience working in various sectors including healthcare, IT and the Aerospace industry. Over the years, Stan has successfully attracted specialistic, strong and distinctive partners who have more than earned their spurs in practice within their field of expertise. For assignments, the S10 Group works closely together with these partners. This allows us together to optimally use the specialist expertise available. With this, we can offer services and solutions that best meet the wishes and requirements of our customers. Together we form the S10 Group consortium.

Who are the consultants??

The consultants include IT and cyber security specialists and developers, business analysts, change, HQSE, operational and project managers, trainers, all-round salary professionals, HR professionals and (employment law) lawyers. All consultants are committed consultants who go for the extra mile for delivering high quality and to achieve high customer satisfaction.

What does "S10" stand for?

S10 has two references. The first is to the founder and the second to his corporate philosophy.. Founder: the founder's nickname is Stan. Business philosophy: the business philosophy has been translated into 10-s Solutions Synergie Support services Software innovatie Savings Shared values Strategy Skills Specialised expertise Simplicity This is S10!

S10 Group motto:

Together we can get the best out of your data, your people and your organisation!
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