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S10 consultancy, your partner in business operations regarding interim management, cost savings, HRM labour law, coaching and training sessions
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Your partner in business operations
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S10 consultancy ® can support in multiple ways with managing and controlling your business processes and realising cost savings in multiple areas.
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What are business operations?

Business operations involve managing and controlling all primary and supporting processes within an organisation. Simply said, its the way everything is organised and arranged within your company. S10 consultancy ® can support you in almost all areas of managing and controlling your business processes.


ost savings

We can support you with the realisation of both cost savings and improving efficiency. This can be direct cost savings, but also on the basis of a return on investment. With our data fabric, efficiency is improved, better decisions can be taken and lots of time is saved. With regards to other support in this area, depending on the type of cost savings, we can offer you support on a ‘no cure, no pay’ basis or by submitting a quotation. Different possibilities can be found at the cost savings overview page . For the data fabric, see our main page .

Second opinion scans

We can verify to what extent your organisation operates within the boundaries of legal frameworks. Are your employment contracts , secondary labour benefits and/or personnel handbook in line with the current laws and regulations and/or collective employment agreements ? Is your salary administration adjusted in conformance with the most recent legislation? Are you paying too much or too little premium?

Bespoke support

By different consultants, we can offer bespoke support in such a way that you can manage and control your company even better. We support you in a way that suits the best with your specific request, your preference and with your organisation. We can: offer you interim management for operations , QHSE-management , project management and change management ; support you with transferring your business objectives into concrete actions on executive level ; offer remote support to your HRM department for Dutch labour law related questions , collective employment agreements and employment regulations; support your management with personal development by means of management training sessions (sales processes, contract management, acquisition, negotiations, congruence etc.); analyse your business processes and offer advice for optimisations; take care of the personal development of your personnel by means of bespoke training sessions or trainings sessions focussed on behaviour level and competencies; support you in cases of individual problems by means of coaching , business counselling , or a confidant; mediate in conflict situations. All support is focussed on costs savings and making your company more effective.

We are happy to

take over your “burden”

Whatever the area of attention is, we are happy to think along with you and take over your “burden”. We can be your partner at strategical, tactical and operational level!