Cost savings on 'no cure, no pay' basis

Cost savings are the order of the day. Every euro saved is in fact additional profit. We can offer you a QuickScan on a 'no cure, no pay' basis.

Areas of the QuickScan

With the QuickScan, we are aiming at several saving areas. Among other included areas are energy costs, (mobile) telephone costs, cleaning costs and insurances. Our point of departure is, maintaining the same quality against a lower price. As part of the insurances, we can also advise you on potential areas of risk when preferred.

QuickScan methodology

During the QuickScan, we perform an assessment of cost items. After this we will analyse our findings and work out a savings proposal. After your approval we will conduct negotiations on your behalf with relevant suppliers. This might imply that a third-party with similar conditions but with lower rates, is offered as an alternative. The paperwork involved can be dealt with by us when preferred.

What does 'no cure, no pay' mean

We take care of the analysis of the cost items discussed with you. In the unlikely event that we are not able to realise cost savings, we charge no fees. At realised cost savings, we will charge a predetermined percentage of the delta gained during the first year.

What savings can you expect?

The cost savings to be realised vary widely per item. On average, we realize cost savings of about 15%.

What do we expect from you?

During a personal meeting, we would like to map areas of (significant) savings to be realised. After this, we expect you to provide us with the relevant (contract) data. We will only use this information within the context of our mutual agreement and respect further confidentiality. S10 consultancy ® also for your cost savings!
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