Innovation subsidy

Often companies are engaged in technical development and invest in this. Frequently however, no thoughts are given to subsidy schemes. We can determine to what extent your project qualifies for an innovation subsidy scheme. With the substantiation required when applying for a subsidy scheme, from experience we know what should be taken into account. We can provide you with expert advice and are happy to accompany you during the project with the completion of the mandatory administrative works. With this, the chance of being awarded is increased.

How many subsidy schemes exist?

There are more than 1300 subsidy schemes, provided through various agencies and organisations. Schemes that could also provide you with a little bit of extra financial space. Allowing us to verify to what extent your innovation project qualifies for a subsidy scheme, will be worthwhile.

No cure, no pay

Advice and support is being dealt with on a no cure, no pay basis. This means that if an application for a subsidy scheme is not granted, no fees will be charged. If the subsidy scheme is being granted successfully, a predetermined percentage of this amount will be invoiced to you.

Subsidy support procedure

During a personal meeting, we will discuss your project details. On the basis of these details, we can determine if subsidy schemes might be applicable. If this is the case, a subsidy consultant will schedule a follow-up meeting with you to explain all possibilities. After this, the advice and support can be initiated. S10 HR & Finance also for your subsidy schemes!
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