Introduction secondary labour benefits

Secondary labour benefits are rewards and conditions on top of the primary labour benefits (including salary, holiday allowance, holidays, working hours, activities). The benefits can be both of financial and non-financial nature.

The personnel handbook

Frequently, the secondary labour benefits are being bundled into a personnel handbook (also called employee handbook or HR handbook). Such a handbook gives an overview of your organisation and provides guidance for the conducting personnel management. The handbook is to be declared applicable in the employment contracts. Usually every employee signs for having received a copy and for compliance with the conditions outlined in this handbook. The labour conditions described in the handbook, can complement a CEA (CBA) or stand in itself, if no collective agreements are applicable.

Examples of secondary labour benefits

Arrangements that are part of the secondary labour benefits are among others: Leave policies Child care arrangements Pension schemes Option plan Bonus schemes Thirteenth month pay Teleworking Telephone compensation Travel allowance Personal development and training Company bicycle Company car Company sport arrangements

Minimum demands to secondary labour benefits

Some labour benefits are legally bounded by a minimum. If a CEA is applicable to your organisation, a range of labour conditions will be specified. Your secondary labour benefits can neither overrule the law nor the applicable CEA. For your employees, your organisation can however deviate in positive sense.

Scanning your secondary labour benefits or personnel handbook?

Would you like to know to what extent the legal frameworks or the CEA have been implemented correctly in your organisation, than we can perform a scan. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Monitoring of compliance with collective agreements

On the basis of legal authority, CAO parties can monitor compliance with collective agreements and proceed with enforcement steps if necessary. See (in Dutch) a research report: “ Toezicht op de naleving van cao-afspraken ”. See here (in Dutch) a verdict regarding the imposition of a fixed indemnity for failing to cooperate with the investigation towards compliance with the Collective Labour Agreements for Temporary agency workers: 100,000 euros fine. S10 HR & Finance checks secondary labour benefits conditions!
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Secondary labour benefits scan

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