Employment contracts and legal rules

Your employment contracts should be in line with the applicable rules and legislation. If your contracts do not meet the legal rules, your contracts can be declared null and void. Often, this will be accompanied with an amount or a penalty to be paid by your company to the Government, the tax authorities and/or the respective employees.

Scan of employment contracts

We can scan your employment contracts. During our scans, among other things, we verify the presence of all regulatory information, to what extent the minimum requirements of the labour conditions are met and if a CEA/CBA is applicable.

Scan of other agreements

Also other agreements can be scanned by us. For example, if you hire a freelancer on the basis of an engagement agreement, in some cases it can still be judged that in fact it is an employment agreement. An employment agreement is applicable when: a relationship of authority exist you pay a remuneration to the employee the employee executes the labour himself What is written in the agreement is not the only thing that matters. Also the way the agreement is being executed in practise is valid. The factual circumstances are decisive. If you treat a freelancer, whether or not conscious, as an employee the tax authorities and/or Inspection ‘SZW’ of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment conclude quickly, that this is a situation of bogus self-employment. We can also inform you about the consequences of certain employment contracts (zero-hour contracts, engagement agreement, employment contracts for a fixed period of time and others). Are your contracts implemented correctly? Allow S10 HR & Finance to execute the employment contract scan!
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Scan employment contracts

Prevent after-tax and penalties
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You’re saving money by preventing the payments of after-tax and penalties. Allow us to scan you employment contracts!
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