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Receive money by the S10 recovery audits (Dutch entities only) on the basis of no cure, no pay. You receive money back from premiums paid, up to five years ago!
S10 recovery audits in a nutshell

Recovery audits

Receive money!
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Our recovery audit is only applicable in the Netherlands!

Do you make use of relevant law and legislation optimally?

Every employer pays wage tax and social security premiums for their employees periodically. For this, a salary application will be used. However, the law and legislation change continuously hence the question may be asked: “Do you make use optimally of the relevant law and legislation, the present subsidy schemes and rebates and have these possibilities been applied to all employees?

The problem areas

Unfortunately, in practice it appears that there are many imperfections in salary applications, whereby too much premiums are paid and subsidy schemes that aren’t utilised optimally. Also in practise it appears that many employers pay too much premiums, because they are not always aware of the financial advantages and stimulation measures they can make use of. As such, significant differences can occur between what has been paid in fact and what should have been paid for on the basis of the legislation. Also in practise it appears that despite of changed law and legislation, in the salary administration not always the parameters are updated periodically and/or that new software functionality is missing. Also not always relevant personnel related information is exchanged by the human resources department. As such, there are different causes to point at that lead to paying too much premiums and to not use optimally the subsidy schemes like the mobility bonus, work bonus, premium discount, labour costs subsidy , premium exemption marginal labour or working on a test basis . By means of a recovery audit, we can verify the premiums you have paid too much and can submit a restitution request for you over the last five years. You receive money!

What do we expect from you?

To be able to perform our work properly, we must have access to information from human resources, salary administration and financial administration. You will be informed in detail about this in advance. But, before our consultant comes to your location, we will have to receive some information in advance. We will send you a number of files for this that you can return to us filled in below. On location we will go through the ‘plan of action’ with you and start with our savings program. We will try to minimize the load for you. If preferred, we will sign a confidentiality agreement.

No cure, no pay

We take care of this service on a ‘no cure, no pay’ basis. We request a fixed percentage of the successful restitution of Dutch income tax and social security premiums.

Receiving money!

How can you receive money and with this save on personnel costs? Allow S10 HR & Finance to perform a recovery audit! We submit a restitution request for you regarding premiums that have been paid too much and not used subsidy and incentive measures. Even if you have carried out a ‘similar’ investigation already, our recovery audit can yield (significant) extra savings. We also perform these "second opinion scans" on a "no cure, no pay" basis. There is much and much more to say about our thorough investigation, our unique approach and our distinctiveness. The above is only a brief introduction. Please contact us for more information. S10 HR & Finance because you surely let no money down!