Reasons for saving on energy consumption

To save on energy consumption means lower energy costs for your organisation. Not only from the perspective of cost savings is it recommended to reduce the energy consumption. Saving on energy helps the climate, prevents pollution and saves precious raw materials!

Return on investment

We are happy to support you in mapping different areas in which energy savings can be realised. Investments are required, but these investment will pay for itself.

Areas of our advice and support

We provide advice and support in the following areas: architectural control technology solar energy heating technology cogeneration heat recovery from cooling and ventilation ventilation refrigeration water savings

We can supervise the entire savings trajectory

In addition to delivering support and advice in energy-saving measures, we can accompany the required works involved with the actual realisation of the energy savings. You can think of: creating the design, completed with drawings, cost estimates and work descriptions taking care of the working drawings and the coordination of the installations requesting the relevant quotations, taking care of the tender and drawing up an adjudication advice verifying and checking out the assembly work fine-tuning of control equipment, based on comfort and energy usage drafting of instructions for installations and installation parts drafting of an energy accounting, so that both the energy consumption and the results of the measures taken are visible

Sustainable materials

In addition to efficient energy consumption, we focus on the use of sustainable materials. We advise and support both renovation and new construction projects.

Subsidy schemes

As part of the energy-saving project, we can examine to what extent subsidy schemes might be applicable and take care of the application when applicable. S10 consultancy ® also for your energy saving measures !
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save costs on your energy consumption!
Saving costs by implementing architectural energy saving measures You achieve a positive return on investment.
Cost savings by S10 energy saving measures S10 energy savings in a nutshell
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