Guiding parties in order to reach a solution

Conflicts will arise in any and every organisation. Often they can be resolved internally. However, occasionally situations may arise that escalate or have potential to escalate. Emotions can run high in such cases. Conflicts such as those undermine the effectiveness of your organisation and finding a solution for them can be difficult. Particularly if one party refuses to talk to the other or work together if there is an absence of mutual trust, or if neither party wishes to surrender ground. That can lead to an impasse. One which an independent mediator can break by guiding the relevant parties within the process, in order to reach a solution.

Striving for a win-win situation

The best result is when both parties are satisfied with the solution. Which is why we always aim to achieve a win-win situation. We listening to all the relevant parties and guide them and engage one another. We then look for a solution model together. Our mediator offers support. He guides and safeguards the communication and negotiation process. Not interfering with the conflict itself, nor judging its content. A neutral party, who does, however, clearly steer the process. As part of this guiding process, each party is heard, in order to discover their key concerns and which interests are at stake, whilst the other parties listen, and vice versa. Frequently, common interests and values can be identified. The mediator does not formulate the final solution, this is done by the parties themselves with the mediator’s help. An essential condition is that the parties involved be willing to make an effort to find a solution. Should that willingness be absent, our mediator will not be able to successfully resolved the conflict. Would you like the support of an independent mediator in order to resolve a conflict between parties? Then please do get in touch.
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With mediation, we strive for a win-win situation. Reach a solution with our independent mediator.
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