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Coaching introduction

Our coaches mentor and guide people who wish to effect change in their lives or who are faced with a personal development dilemma. Coaching is a positive trait and can be seen as a personal gift. Our coaches will guide, advise, and train to achieve a positive outcome.

Coaching and change

Coaching is about mentoring and guiding people. You and your coach, together, walk down a path to achieve a specific goal. Coaching is a process aimed at providing support for you to gain better insight into yourself. It enables you to become aware of your behaviour, and thus enabling you to change. We work with various methods and techniques, which differ per person.

For whom?

Coaching is not only intended for employees, but for team leaders and board members alike. It is a process through which one learns to optimally make use of one’s core qualities, natural abilities, and talent. You will be stimulated to get the best out of yourself, enabling you to achieve peak performance and better realise your potential. A coaching exercise is highly suitable for those who are personally motivated, who have a clear goal in mind and who have formulated a clear guiding question.

Coaching exercise

Following an initial introductory conversation, we determine whether you and your coach are compatible: mutual trust is a prerequisite to begin the exercise. We, subsequently, conclude an agreement regarding the number of sessions; an average session is 1 and a half hours. During the coaching exercise, you will have discussions with your coach and receive personal tasks, to be elaborated individually. After the final session, we evaluate the entire coaching exercise together.

Coaching and privacy

We are highly committed to protecting our clients’ privacy. As such your personal details are shared with no one.

Confidential advisor

We can also offer personal support and act as a confidential advisor. There are some situations that you either cannot or do not wish to discuss with your co-workers. Faced with such situations, it can often be better to talk to an outsider and ask them for advice. We listen to your story and help you find ways to resolve the situation you may be in in a discrete and charitable manner. If you are interested in taking part in a coaching exercise with one of our coaches, please feel free to get in touch.
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By coaching you gain personal insight. You become aware of your own behaviour. By this you are capable to change.
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