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Guidance, support and a helping hand

There may be myriad causes leading to your employee to feel distressed, possibly impacting his or her performance at work. Corporate counselling can be helpful in determining the possible causes thereof. The counsellor will work with your employee, offering guidance, support and a helping hand in getting through a difficult situation.


Absence rates can soar very suddenly. In certain situations, psychosomatic complaints are to blame, with factors such as an increased workload, unfavourable working conditions, inter-collegial aspects or personal difficulties contributing to the problem. Engaging a corporate counsellor can offer your employees the guidance and support they need.

Reduced performance

Occasionally it may be the case that employees may not perform as expected, following an organisational change or a switch to a new position. There may be factors in play which inhibit them from realising their full potential. Engaging a corporate counsellor can offer your employees a chance to learn how to deal with their limitations and how to overcome them.

Other authorities

If concerns arise regarding the feasibility and success of a counselling exercise or if physical complaints require medical treatment, our counsellors will refer your employee to a doctor or to an authority better suited to deal with the problems that have been identified. Please do get in touch if you are considering engaging a corporate counsellor.
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S10 consultancy business counselling can learn you how to deal with your limitations and how to overcome them.
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