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S10 coherent writing training sessions
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Geschreven communicatie training

Developed for the Dutch language but also available for the English language
Personalised advice on how to adapt your own writing style. Learn how to write more coherently within a short period of time!
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Business letters and documents are often incomprehensible to the average reader. And even the academically astute often find themselves getting annoyed at unnecessarily complex texts. If customers are unsure of what to do with a letter or email, or are unsure of its content, this results in unnecessary costs for your organisation, with your department being inundated with questions, phone calls, and emails. Or your customer will simply not do what you expect him or her to. All this leads to a lot of wasted time and money, when this really need not be the case.

Better comprehension of written correspondence

Studies have shown that only a small percentage of customers who receive letters from companies actually understand all of their content or truly process the information given, much to their annoyance. The relevant organisations then are forced to restate their intentions. Writing in simple, coherent language is not difficult and results in 90% of people being able to properly comprehend your meaning. Our “coherent writing” training sessions teach you how to write in an accessible and customer-friendly style: offering personalised advice on how to adapt your own writing style teaching you how to write more coherently and thus be more effective within a short period of time

Training subjects

The following subjects are addressed in the “coherent writing” training: putting yourself in your reader’s shoes formulating clearly what it is you want to say creating logical structure for the reader writing in comprehensible style writing good Dutch *) using an attractive lay out peer review for your texts identifying different kinds of texts e.g. policy documents, memos, decisions, press releases, letters, emails, websites, blogs and tweets You will be practicing various writing techniques and will receive advice regarding your own writings. After having completed the training, you will be able to maintain good relations with your customers using your new writing technique.

*) Bespoke English-language training module “coherent writing”

This training module was specifically developed for Dutch language purposes and includes a segment teaching “writing good Dutch”. We offer a comparable English-language training module upon request, supervised by a native speaker of English (English teacher). To guarantee the quality of this module, however, we do require additional preparation time. We would also like to pay a personal visit to your organisation to get a good idea of your situation and needs. The training module will subsequently be tailored to your specific requirements. Curious? Please do get in touch!