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Would you like your (new) Works Council to learn: how to confer in a constructive manner during general meetings? how to separate key and secondary issues? how to draw up a committee working plan? how to meet in a fun yet action-oriented way? how to communicate with employees, etc. Would you also like the Works Council: to be aware of and to understand their duties and rights according to the Works Councils Act? to become more motivated? We run Works Council training courses, involving both the Works Council and the management, depending on specific needs. Naturally, the Works Council in this case would be the initiator of such training sessions.
Would you like to find out: what a project-based work is (not) about? when and why to opt for a project-based approach? how to implement a project-based approach within your company? how to maximise success with your projects? how to increase the efficiency of a project-based approach in your company? or would you like: practical advice, based on an analysis of your situation? guidance in realising an increase in returns? direct support with setting up, starting and carrying out projects? Then a project management training course might be the perfect addition to you or your project team. Our trainers have extensive of experience running training courses for the business community and for governmental departments.
Would you like find out: how to communicate more clearly with your customers? how to learn to write in a clearer, more coherent manner? or do you recognise one of the following situations? your detailed memo has apparently not been read your memo has not adequately been understood you have received multiple requests to clarify an email you sent out a customer has requested clarification on multiple accounts regarding your informative letter your memo has elicited unexpected and undesirable reactions Then you may find our “coherent writing” training highly beneficial.
Would you like: to learn how to (fully) get to the bottom of your employees’ persistent absence? to teach supervisors how to engage employees who have been taken ill in an affectionate, yet businesslike manner, whilst maintaining mutual respect? to make clear and working agreements with your sick employees? to learn more about the rules and requirements of the Work Income according to Labour Capacity Act (Dutch: WIA) or the Gatekeeper Improvement Act (Dutch: Wet verbetering Poortwachter)? all the while enabling management, supervisors and employees to assume responsibility in addressing absenteeism and illness and keep things in hand? Then our training module “Dealing with absenteeism and occupational disability” could be majorly beneficial to you.
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Would you like to learn: how to become a successful and result- oriented manager? how to motivate your people to achieve collective success? how to get your employees through hectic and tough times as a team? how to establish connection with your customers and prospects? how to seize more opportunities during acquisition talks? how to structure your sales process? what you can achieve through up, deep and cross selling? Are you currently working on: a business strategy or a corporate culture development? implementing changes or creating a base of acceptance? Then this is the right moment to consider participating in bespoke training sessions. We have many years of experience in training companies and individuals and can offer your organisation tailored support.
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Would you like to: have a very easy-to-use and well- arranged learning management system? apply continuous learning throughout your organisation? reduce your staff attrition rate? improve overall satisfaction? create well-arranged goals, assessments and points for improvement? Understand what stimulates involvement for your employees and thereby identify areas for improvement and convert insights into actions or KPIs?
Then our Learning Management and Appraisal system is the solution for you. Over 500 organisations in 25 countries preceded you. Tomorrow, your Learning Management and Appraisal system can be operational as well! Ask us for a DEMO without any obligations.
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