Project management training sessions tailor-made

Our project management training courses are tailored to your specific situation and unique needs. We offer personalised training courses, providing advice and coaching either for you as a project manager, or running project management trainings for your entire project team. We can also coach individual team members.

Co-ordination between parties

Working on a project-based approach connects very well to the various developments within organisations. Often times multiple parties are involved, both from with the organisation and outside it. Consequently, a high measure co-ordination is required between the various parties. Moreover, a clear division of tasks between the customer, the project leader and the team is essential to success. And, in the case of multiple projects running simultaneously, project organisation becomes crucial.

Keeping in mind the user

Projects require clear objectives, planning, and organisation. And if a project is particularly complex, often one can easily lose sight of the needs of the user for whom the project’s result is intended. That can be detrimental to the effectiveness of the project itself. After all the result of the project belongs to the users, who could be employees within your organisation, but could also be customers. The customer / user / resident generally is not the project’s principal, and consequently the things that really matter to them are inadequately represented. Such procedures can easily lead customers to feel the need to adapt to your systems or needs, rather than you to theirs. And these days, customers are far less willing to put up with that.

Methods and human contact

Depending on your role within the project, you might find yourself needing training, advice or mentoring in order to meet the expectations of the outside world with your project or team and to become even more effective. Our training course will not only teach project management methods, but also how to motivate all of those involved, in their various capacities, to collaborate in a constructive way, whilst making a distinction between methods as such and direct human contact. Methods, for instance, include risk analysis, a power relationships analysis, a project timeline and a project plan. Direct human contact deals with perception, empathy, motivation, assistance, agreements, and confrontations.

People are more of a determining factor than methods

a project-based approach differs from a routine or improvisational approach a project has a clear beginning and ending and leads to a unique or innovative result there is a range of useful methods for setting up a project plan and carrying it out as effectively as possible A good project plan will account for 30% of a project’s success. The remaining 70%, however, depends on the people and the organisations involved with the project.

Subjects are situation-specific

What is focused on in the training depends on your unique situation and specific needs. Training sessions can discuss subjects such as: what does project-based work entail? how does project-based work fit in next to routine and improvisation? why is that distinction important? the nature of the existing organisation the user / customer project organisation (e.g. sub-projects) the relationship between the project manager & line manager role division and fixed roles (tasks, competencies and duties) varieties of project planning risk analysis forcefield analysis objectives and results management tools for a project-based approach phasing milestones control factors: money, organisation, time, information, quality, and scope personal strength leading a team forming a team negotiation motivation and agreements assertiveness and confrontation conducting performance assessment interviews If you would like to request a quotation or make an appointment, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
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Project management training sessions

Risk analysis, forcefield analysis, project planning and project plan, perception, empathy, motivation, assistance, agreements, confrontations etc.. The subjects depend on your situation.
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