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Learning cheap and efficiently with much better results. Awareness can be realised for both GDPR and information security!
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Nano-training sessions

Save on training costs while topics learned lingers much better. Staff awareness of GDPR & cyber security will be improved Available in many languages!
Nano-training trainingsonderwerpen Nano-training informatiebeveiliging en AVG Nano-trainingen: beter en goedkoper Nano-trainingen AVG en informatiebeveiliging Nano-trainingen: kennis en bewustzijn omhoog, kosten en tijd omlaag


With the nano-training flow-method, you host courses for your employees in a very efficient and cheap manner . Employees are being offered nano-training in pieces of 2-4 minutes, for example once every two weeks. As a result, knowledge lingers much better and in case of GDPR and information security, awareness is actually created! A topical subject is realising awareness in the areas of privacy and information security. Regarding the latter, you can think of data breaches, phishing, remote access to your systems and viruses (including ransomware). These topics are part of our nano-training "information security". 96.8% of employees who have followed the 12-month "information security" nano-training program, have indicated that they think more about information security in their daily work. This result is established while we are talking about just a few minutes a week / every two weeks!

Limitations of current training methods

Maintaining knowledge for staff is essential. In the context of the GDPR and information security, awareness is also essential. The usual classroom training, workshops & e-learning courses are, however, time-consuming, relatively expensive and have a large ‘forget curve’. But most importantly, awareness is not realised. You make company resources available but you do not reach your goal.

Your benefits with nano training

learning against lower costs (next to lower costs per participant also no productivity loss!) all year round, users can enjoy education while being kept alert gained knowledge lingers better (lower ‘forget curve’) awareness is established easily accessible available in many languages flexible: individualisation per business unit of the same is course possible courses can be adjusted within a few minutes management reports are generated The nano training flow method allows participants to offer an individual learning trajectory based upon their knowledge level. This is pleasant for the participant himself and offers time savings.

Training modules

Via a software as a service (SaaS) environment we offer trainings like: AVG Information security (including an unlimited amount of phishing tests) Microsoft Windows Office 365 Skype for Business Teams Yammer SharePoint and much more. Ask for our special bulk deals!

Platform licence

You see the benefits of the nano-training flow-method but you already have your own training programs? No problem. You can also acquire a platform license that provides you all the benefits that nano-trainings offer, while using your own training content. The efforts to set up the training is very limited: the user interface is very intuitive and simple. If you have become curious, please contact us without any obligation.


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