Positive implementation of changes

We are experts at the positive implementation of changes and specialist in the field of building bridges and have extensive knowledge regarding strategy and leadership. Our bespoke training sessions can serve as an excellent support method in optimising the business processes of your organisation. Naturally, our training modules can be followed independently of organisational changes, for example to help your most valued employees developed their skills further.

Multiple levels

We can provide support on multiple levels. For instance we can help with developing: business strategies on an operational and tactical level groups or individual employees on behaviour level Assessments can be conducted as a part of the training.


We make use of a range of training instruments for our bespoke training sessions. Where relevant we focus on the following areas: Management qualities Role and/or company specific competences Team roles Communication styles Corporate culture inventory Preferential behaviour (using DISC criteria) Type indication (using MBTI criteria) Quinn management roles Leadership styles Conflict resolution styles Change potential Team competency analysis Team development Personal competencies Personal motivational factors Styles of learning Gaining insight into these areas contributes to the participant’s further development. Many of these instruments can also be used as 360º scans.

A selection of our training modules

Mindfulness Empathic listening Overcoming listening barriers; bridging personal frontiers Coaching using congruency levels Solution-oriented coaching Theory-U, Creativity From sensing to presencing Presencing Prototyping The Congruent Salesman Locating prospects Successful acquisition Dealing with resistance and closure effectively Effective presentation Hooray, a complaint! Negotiation strategies Structuring your own sales process Contract management Context-driven work Open-minded perception Would you like find out what motivates people and how you can motivate them to achieve collective success? Then get in touch!
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From business strategy at operational and tactical level to groups of individual employees at behaviour level.
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