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The S10 Group is happy to support you in implementing (data) solutions, realising efficiency steps and cost savings! S10 consultancy, S10 data solutions, S10 HR & finance and S10 academy are trademarks of the S10 Group.

Data fabric

We increase efficiency and establish cost savings by innovative software solutions and consultancy services With our innovative data fabric (Integration Platform as a Service) , your data will be converted into information. You can become data driven and can automate multiple data related processes . You will improve the efficiency of your organisation in several areas.

Automated crawling of internal and external data sources

We take care of data integration: through crawlers, fully automated we collect all content of structured data, unstructured data and "image only" files. We do this for all internal sources (including legacy systems). We can also add external sources.

Data cleansing

After the content has been collected, we cleanse the content fully automated. Through "natural language processing", our “18 matrix” , and triangulation techniques, we are able to de-duplicate, enrich, establish relationships, blend and organise data. This improves the quality of the data and the first (very important) step has been taken to turn data into information.

Data insight and GRC

When collecting all content, we also include the access rights, metadata and log files. This enables you to gain control and gather insight into your data via dashboards and by automating processes. Data governance, risk management and compliance support are supported in several areas, including: cataloguing documents automatically via machine learning techniques applying "data leak detection" and even " data leak prevention " (DLP) to example given sensitive documents acquiring insights regarding personally identifiable information . Reports can be generated and information provided regarding the data locations without having to involve other departments. Data can be anonymised. fully automated application of data retention policies . "Data lifecycle management" (DLM) can be applied automated in full or applied after approval by "data owners".

Data analysis

The data fabric uses five different types of databases. Given that all content is integrated in the data fabric, data analysis can be applied within the data fabric. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and business intelligence applications are possible. This makes predictive analysis, fraud detection, sentiment analysis and lead scoring possible amongst others. The data fabric can also stream data to external applications as middleware. Given that all data has been cleansed, specified data can be made available by means of both push and pull techniques to Data Warehouses, Power BI, Google BigQuery or any tool that requires cleaned and deduplicated data. The data fabric can add functionalities on top of platforms like Azure, Hadoop and IBM data lake. As such, our data fabric fits into any architecture.

Data becomes information

Due to the integration of all data, cleansing and enrichment of data, the dashboards and reports provided, the data analysis possibilities and the integrations with other applications, data is converted into information . Because the data fabric can establish relationships between data and provides full data lineage, not only use cases in the area of unstructured data are on the horizon, but also structured data. It is possible to establish relations between records and to analyse them accordingly, for example from ERP systems. This enables the realisation of unprecedented insights. By processing external data sources, many other use cases are also possible including "know your customer" (KYC) and a 360-degree view of your employees. The data fabric is of great value for board of directors and management, marketing, HRM, recruitment , data scientists, IT and knowledge workers amongst other people and departments. If you would like to obtain more information about our data fabric or if you have any questions about the many other use cases the data fabric has to offer you or if you have questions about the technology behind the data fabric, please contact us! The data fabric: a limited selection of possibilities

Automated search for personally identifiable information: you save time

Since may 25th 2018 the GDPR is enforced. With this, the emphasis is put on privacy. Several rights and obligations deriving from this, might however result in time consuming actions: right of access by the data subject, right to rectification, right to erasure, right to data portability but also the accountability in general. These time-consuming actions can be executed by using our data fabric. We compile reports, show in what files and records PII is located and offer you the opportunity to anonymise data. You save valuable (search) time! The data fabric also supports CCPA, PIPEDA and HIPAA .

Finding back data: faster and complete - better decisions

The amount of data grows exponentially. Retrieving information takes more and more time. In addition, we live in a time where the pressure for making quick decisions only increases. Accurate information is worth gold. It is not for nothing that data is called 'the new oil', but then the data must be found first. Knowledge workers spend around 20% of their time on retrieving data. But even then, often the correct data is still not found. Not being able to find data in its entirety is a growing problem with multiple consequences. Decisions are made without having complete information or are based on outdated data. With our data fabric , all data is at your fingertips. Per FTE of a knowledge worker, around 9 hours a week will be saved on data management.

Governance risk & compliance

More and more rules are being made, so that the "regulatory burden" is increasing. This creates challenges in the areas of data governance, risk management and compliance. Our data fabric is very flexible. Risk analyses can be done and all kind of data related functionalities can be realised such as data lifecycle management (DLM), data leak prevention (DLP), data privacy issues and much more. With API’s we can also integrate external data into your data fabric. With this added data, an incredible number of use cases are possible like performing PEP-checks and obtaining a customer 360 degrees view/know your customer (KYC). Governance, risk and compliance have never been so insightful and controllable! With our data fabric, we support organisations to actually become data-driven while being compliant. Our approach and solutions are unique and distinctive!

Cleaning up by data classification:

automation of data retention policies

Rules with regards to records retention have to be complied with. With our data fabric you can automatically catalogue and classify all data with a combination of machine learning and tagging techniques. You determine the data retention criteria. We arrange the automated classification and after this, we automate migration, data retention and destruction processes for you. For example, stale data can be moved to a low tier storage for historical technical reasons or data specifically identified be deleted for compliancy reasons. Data for analysis can be moved to a higher tier, sensitive data isolated etc.. Your data retention policies are enforced automatically while saving money on (cloud) storage capacity.

Data leak Prevention/Data Loss Prevention:

you prevent (reputation) damage

Data is the most valuable asset of any company. Protecting data against "internal threats" is just as important as protecting your data against external threats. But with the GDPR that has come into effect, data breaches have gained a lot of additional attention. Data breaches can have far-reaching, serious consequences. A data breach can lead to reputation damage, but your valuable data can also fall into the wrong hands additionally. Both should be prevented: Data Leak Prevention / Data Loss Prevention (DLP). With our data fabric , a DLP system can become operational in a number of steps. The stakeholders must first determine what is secret, sensitive, internal and public data. From the data fabric, through machine learning techniques, all your data can automatically be identified, classified and provided with a recognition tag. The tagged data can be monitored and a warning can be given if someone wants to do something with that data, or gained access to it. For highly sensitive data, "listeners" can be implemented with the possibility to provide real-time intervention.

With the data fabric, you acquire information!

Data is only information when it answers a question and that is possible with our data fabric! What insights would you gain with your own data factory? A data fabric that centralises all the data you own and where external data can be added to? Searching, combining, enriching data with external sources, applying artificial intelligence, finding relationships in data (records), predictive modelling, generate insight in the data-lineage of business processes... There are many, many possibilities. We map your valuable data so that you have control and gain insight! We are happy to help you with defining the right queries so that your questions are answered. Let us surprise you with the amount of information you suddenly have. We also organise trainings allowing you to define use cases yourself! We like to think along with you to make your company really data driven! Everything revolves around data. With the data fabric, we can let you use your "new oil" optimally.

Efficiency and full insight into certifications and compliance

Privacy protection and information security is more topical than ever today. GDPR compliance is a must. Certifications are becoming increasingly important. Apart from the fact that this means that a that lot of activities will have to be realised, how do you keep a proper overview of where your organisation stands? What are the consequences if a change is made to the standards or to law and legislation? We can offer an elegant SaaS solution that is efficient, puts you in control, prevents duplication of activities and gives you direct insight into the degree of compliance when rules change. Software support for governance, risk and compliance management primarily for quality managers and DPO’s! This software assigns activities based upon the set of rules applicable by means of workflows. It does not only support your organisation in preparing for and maintaining certifications such as I SO 27001, 9001, 14001, 22301, NEN 7510, ISAE3402 , but also offers your organisation support for GDPR compliance. This way you can immediately provide insight into where the risks lie in your organisation and to what extent your organisation is compliant. Actions are assigned and monitored. Changes to the standards make the impact on your organisation and the actions to be taken still, immediately visible without you having to analyse all the changes yourself. This software works according to the plan-do-check- act principle and provides support for internal and external audits in preparation for certification. Of course, training and consultancy support with the implementation of this software and guidance towards certification is possible.

Other efficiency improvements and savings on consultancy basis

Not only can you save costs in the future by paying less for the same products, the same services and the same insurances, but also by optimising your information security, your business processes, resolving conflicts, increasing knowledge within your organisation or a refreshing practical approach on management systems. For more information: Information security scan Business consultancy overview

Savings on HR, finance and salary administration

On a 'no cure, no pay' basis, in the Netherlands (Dutch social security amongst others), we can reclaim money from your personnel costs up to and including 2014. You have already paid the premiums in previous years. We also investigate unused subsidy and incentive measures. In other words, we make savings in the past and in fact (in 98% of the cases) bring a bag of money with us. For more information: Recovery audit Does your HR handbook / secondary employment conditions comply with the applicable collective labour agreement and current legislation and regulations? Not only can additional taxes be imposed but also additional fines. For more information: Labour contract scan Secondary employment conditions scan Salary administration scan Overview of other cost savings

Improving efficiency by training

By further improving knowledge, efficiency and communication in your organisation can be improved. For more information: Overview training

Why the S10 Group?

We deliver the highest possible quality We yield more than what we cost Specialist expertise in many areas Unique and innovative software solutions We not only provide support for large companies and SMEs, but also for non-profit organisations and governmental institutions.
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My passions: improvement and offering solutions “Improving, solving problems, increasing efficiency, IT and cost savings can be counted amongst my passions. For the past 30 years I have held several management positions with great pleasure and enthusiasm. The knowledge and experience gained has laid the foundation for establishing the S10 Group consortium. Every day, I take great pleasure from talking to our customers with regards to data integration and cost saving assignments as well as to support our specialist consultants. Collaboration, synergy, service and support are our keywords, whereby we strive for the highest possible quality. Even if this cost us extra hours. With great pleasure and enthusiasm, together with our consortium partners I am happy to take on the challenge to optimise your business operations by making your organisation data driven and to save costs! Stan van Gemert (owner).
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